Friday, 26 February 2016

Which Tests Do Medical Diagnostic Testing Centers Provide?

In New York, the majority of health care centers have outsourced medical diagnostic testing to dedicated testing centers. This helps physicians and other staff members of health care center to concentrate more on patient care.

Moreover, accurate test results provided by trusted diagnostic testing centers allow physicians to start with the right treatment process for a patient’s illness or health condition.

Another factor due to which health care centers hand over their laboratory services to independent laboratories is that they provide faster test results.

Following are a few tests covered under diagnostic services of outsourcing laboratories-

Allergy Tests

In United States, 50 million plus people suffer from allergy. They are allergic to dust, food items, pets, insects, medications etc. Diagnostic test centers offer allergy tests that help doctors identify things that cause allergic reactions in patients.

Sleep Disorder Tests
Chronic illness, Psychiatric Disorders, stress, and aging are a few causes of sleep disorders, which put a negative impact on an individual’s health.

Diagnostic center professionals diagnose sleep problems in a patient that allow practitioners to concentrate more on patient medical care.

Cardiology & Radiology tests

Cardiology & Radiology tests are performed to diagnose the condition of the heart. Blood tests, Electrocardiogram, Holter monitor, Cardiac stress testing etc. are a few of the major Cardiology & Radiology tests. Result of tests allows healthcare practitioners to prescribe medications or recommend other treatments like heart surgery.

Neurological Diagnostic Tests

Nervous system disorders are identified through this test. It comprise of various testing procedures that includes Laboratory screening tests of blood, urine, or other substances, Genetic testing, X-rays, Fluoroscopy, Angiography, intrathecal contrast-enhanced CT scan and more.

Blood & Toxicology Tests

These tests help determine drug overdose and drug abuse in the blood, urine, or saliva. A complete analysis of patient’s health is provided through the test that helps health care practitioners to provide quality medical care.

Hence, aforementioned are a few of the tests that are performed by dedicated laboratory centers.

The accuracy of test results provided by outsourced diagnostic testing centers is the reason why majority of hospitals rely on such centers for their patient’s diagnostic and medical checkups.

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