Friday, 31 July 2015

What are the best possible ways to manage healthcare revenues?

Most healthcare center starts their practice having the concerns to bring more revenues for the center, however, some are unable to accomplish what they want, as they find hard to maintain the steady income for the hospitals.
This is can be due to many reasons that include consistent declination of cash flows, rise in bad debt, and many others. Therefore, in order to run a successful business, it is important to uphold the steady stream of income for the hospital. However, for those who find it difficult, for them there are numerous opportunities to improve healthcare revenue management.

Here are few tips that will help you to help improve management of revenues in healthcare industry-
Try to benchmark your healthcare data- sometimes it is very difficult to keep proper eye on the healthcare data. The better way is to start trending as well as keeping benchmark on the data. This will not only help you to keep an eye on the various aspects but you will be able to identify areas that can improve the management of revenues.
Seek for suggestions from valuable resources-if you want to gain an insight to improve your revenue management cycle, it is better to seek advice from frontline staff. They are the staff members that deal directly with the customers. Frontline staff can prove to be the best guides as you can ask them which areas you need to improve.
Maintain good relationship with patients-the staff that is dealing with the patients should treat them efficiently, as it is very essential to take care of patients needs. The staff should show caring attitude towards the patients.
To ensure patients safety-patients safety should be the first preference for the persons who are running healthcare chains. They should make sure that the equipments and all other tools and machineries being used for patients care should be thoroughly checked.
Policies and procedures-
It is very important to consider the policies and procedures of the healthcare industry as they built the foundation. Therefore, it is important that you go through the detailed policies and procedures from beginning to end.
Therefore, in order to manage your healthcare revenues in a better way, then make sure you try to implement these suggestions. This will not only allow you to generate more cash flows but will also help you to maintain good relationship with the patients.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Why physicians need diagnostic management services?

Quiet often physicians find it difficult to diagnose the illness of patient. To overcome this problem, many diagnostic centers assist doctors by providing diagnostic management services. These services include diagnostic tests and procedures, which help physicians to confirm presence of any medical condition.
There are numerous medical conditions for which diagnosis are done. Some of them include allergy, neurological disorders, sleep, cardiovascular diseases and many more. However, neurological disorders include Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer disease. To diagnose any disorder varieties of medical scans are done on the patients including MRI, CT scan, EMG, EEG and PET.
Following are some of the diagnostic tests for diagnosing neurological disorders-
Angiography- This test finds out the blockage in the arteries or in the veins. It takes three approximately three hours of time to perform the test excluding resting time that needs six to eight hours. Hospitals conduct these tests.
Biopsy- In biopsy, surgeons extract small portion of tissue from the body to examine it. Other than this, biopsies of muscle or nerve are also done which helps to identify neuromuscular disorders. When a small portion of muscle or nerve is extracted from the body, it is studied under a microscope.
In order to remove the nerve or a muscle, either a slit is made on the skin or it is removed surgically.
During the brain biopsy, practitioners determine the type of tumor through various tests. If the tumor is detected then surgery is performed to remove a tumor. These tests are performed in a hospital and the process is riskier in comparison to other procedure and involves a long recovery time.
Brain scans-these scans are done to detect tumors, or hemorrhage in the brain.
Cerebrospinal fluid analysis- small amount of the fluid is removed in this process. The fluid is then taken for testing in order to detect any brain hemorrhage, blood loss or diagnose infection in the brain or in the spinal cord. The procedure is performed in the hospital. Procedure known as a lumbar puncture or spinal tap is performed to remove the fluid.
Note- not all diagnosis can be done by the doctor and requires getting assistance from the diagnostic services.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

How revenue management can be beneficial to healthcare field?

In healthcare industry, the meaning of RCM or revenue cycle management means the process of managing and handling claims, payments and generating revenues. More precisely, RCM cover everything. However, in order to carry out these processes, it is required to make use of technology that will keep track of the claims process each time. This will facilitate the healthcare provider to do billing by following the process and addressing any issues if occurs. This will allow quick access to earn more revenues.
Other than this, the process includes maintaining the details of claims in the system. This will make sure that the expenses are collected and deal with denied claims. Time management and efficiency are important part of RCM.

The Revenue Cycle Management in Healthcare begins with the patients call to seek appointments and the whole data is captured in the system and carries until the account is left null.
In order to make revenue cycle a bit more productive, here are a few areas that you need to focus on-
  • Focusing on quality of care
  • Emphasizing on patient’s liability
  • Do not forget to keep the track of records
Revenue management provides an opportunity to increase the revenues. However, healthcare or any other organizations can utilize the below given categories to earn profits-
Pricing is one category of Revenue Management that involves applying pricing strategy and increasing restricted pricing policies. If strategies of pricing are successfully applied, then it can significantly recover more profit and can bring in more revenues for the healthcare centers. The main strategy that one can apply is to predict the value that has been created for the customers and then analyzing whether set price would allow achieving the expected value. This is only pricing strategy that can decide what value the organization will achieve.
In order to earn more and more revenues, company can provide discount on the products used in Medicare to increase the sales. If some products that are low in demand, the company can lower the price in order to overcome weak demand and get back to gain market share. This will eventually augment the revenue.
Other important factor is pricing that allows the organization to improve their revenues by decreasing the price of healthcare equipments, cost of treatment and many other things on temporary basis. On other hand, revenue Management techniques measure customer response over reduction in price and determine whether there is any growth and profitability seen.